About the record label

Nacht music records is a one man digital record label run by the music producer and composer Marwan Antonios.

“I started Nacht music records back in the year 2016 with an aim to help underground bands and music producers such as my self get a kick start in the field by releasing their music digitally in my online community that I have been growing for some time.The project was mainly focused on releasing metal music and all its sub-genres. Today I have decided to expand the genre spectrum by releasing other types of music.”

The labels main goal is to build a self sufficient online platform dedicated to underground "Do it yourself"  music producers, where their work will be published and showcased.

About the community

The Nacht music community is a facebook group that was created to provide a platform for independent music producers and bands where they can share their music, get exposure, collaborate with other artists and get feedback on their work.

Although the main focus of the community is on electronic and metal music, all genres are welcome as long as they meet the communities standards.

The man behind the project

Marwan Antonios (Born 19 February 1991) is a Lebanese music producer and composer for films and video games.

After having a degree in audiovisual he resumed his studies to specialize in music production, a passion he had from a very young age and that he already practised by recording and composing his own albums.
He studied computer assisted music production in the “International Academy of Arts and Technology” Lebanon and has more than 10 years of experience in the field.

His early work was influenced by rock and metal music. In 2011  Antonios recorded his first demo for the project “Black Folly” which will be followed by many album releases in different genres throughout the years.